Financial Planning

We listen to your vision for your future and give you the steps to turn that vision into reality.

At Integral Wealth Management, we help clients answer questions like:

“How much money do I need to retire?”
“How much money should I be saving?”
“How much money will I have to pass on to my family or charity?”
“What do I need to do to be able to retire sooner?”
“When is the optimal time to begin receiving social security income?”
“Is deferring IRA withdrawals as long as possible always the best tax strategy?”
“How do I plan for unforeseen expenses?”
“What is the cost of long-term care?”
“When should I own life insurance and what is the best type for me?”
“Why should I hire a financial planner or advisor rather than trying to do it myself?”

Financial Planning services

financial planning service
  • Estimating expenses for your desired lifestyle in retirement
  • Balancing your savings goals with your desired timing for retirement
  • Roth conversion planning to potentially lower Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Optimizing the ideal time to begin collecting your social security income
  • Coordinating the timing of social security income between spouses
  • Analyzing your break-even age for delayed retirement credits
  • Projecting and analyzing your income and expenses
  • Planning for the proper location of withdrawals between retirement and taxable accounts
  • Projecting the size of your safety net
  • Projecting the benefit of tax strategies recommended by your estate planning attorney
  • Executing annual gifting and charitable giving strategies
  • Answering your questions about trust and estate administration
  • Analyzing current insurance fees and benefits
  • Assisting with affordable life insurance for specific needs
  • Annuity planning for extremely risk-averse or income-focused investors

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