Investment Management

We tailor your portfolio of investments to your comfort level by balancing risk and return potential, then actively monitor the markets for opportunities to protect and grow your wealth.

At Integral Wealth Management, we help clients answer questions like:

“How much income can my portfolio safely provide?”
“How can I turn my investment account into a retirement paycheck?”
“What’s an appropriate amount of risk for my comfort level?”
“Which investment strategies should I pursue?”
“Which investments are best suited for taxable accounts?”
“How much will I owe in taxes on my investment accounts?”
“How can I reduce the likelihood and severity of suffering investment losses?”
“How often should I look at my accounts?”

investment management services

investment management
  • Diversified exposure to broad stock markets for long-term growth
  • Active management for the potential to outperform equity benchmarks
  • Stock selection based on valuation, earnings growth, and rising dividends
  • Diversified exposure to broad bond markets for income and safety
  • Active management for the potential to outperform fixed income benchmarks
  • Individual bond selection based on credit risk, interest rate sensitivity, and after-tax yield
  • Reduction in the likelihood and severity of extreme outcomes
  • Understandable trade-offs illustrated by the return profile
  • Hybrid investment strategy providing both safety and growth potential
  • Access to investing in companies at earlier stages of growth
  • Diversification from investments in public markets
  • More vanilla structure than other alternative investments
  • Increased exposure to desirable sectors or themes
  • Short-term trend following opportunities
  • Greater freedom around inflection points at market highs and lows
  • Optimized after-tax returns by favoring tax-free bonds for high tax bracket situations
  • Gain or loss harvesting to avoid tax surprises
  • Proper location of income-producing investments between retirement and taxable accounts

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