Value-added services

Every financial decision you make is an opportunity for savvy financial guidance to help you build wealth. Using our wide range of experience, we help clients with advanced estate and tax strategies, large purchases or sales, and everything in between. These value-added services are provided at no additional cost when we manage your investment portfolio because we understand how your investment portfolio, your plan for your future, and your daily financial decisions are all interconnected.

At Integral Wealth Management, we help clients answer questions like:

“What is the most tax-efficient way to donate to my favorite charity?”
“Which assets should I leave to charity versus to my family from a tax perspective?”
“What is the largest amount I should invest in any single company?”
“Should I use margin to enhance my investment returns?”
“How much does it cost to live in a senior living community?”
“What is the best financing option for a large purchase?”
“How do I talk to my children about our wealth?”
“How do I raise financially independent kids?”
“How do I deal with a loved one’s finances after his/her death?”

examples of Value-Added services

Value-added services
  • Charitable giving
  • Family meetings and education
  • Behavioral finance education and training
  • Concentrated position risk mitigation
  • Financing decisions on homes, vehicles, and solar panels
  • Education funding and 529 plans

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